Jim 洛伊兹 mad as hell and wants his state back


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作者:D。G. Martin,《一对一》,UNC-TV的Bookwatch主持人,2014年11月16日。马丁


Former UNC-Wilmington Chancellor Jim 洛伊兹 wanted to use this phrase as the title for his new book about modern North Carolina history and politics. Eventually, he settled on another provocative title, “Entering North Carolina: Set Clocks Back 100 Years,” which The Charlotte Observer book columnist Dannye Romine Powell has named “best book title of the year.”

洛伊兹 's first title idea reflects the views of many North Carolinians who would like to reverse the recent changes in direction brought about by the Republican-controlled government in Raleigh.


What are the changes that concern 洛伊兹 so much?

在他的简介中,他总结了与他有关的更改。 “对于20世纪最后40年出生或来到这里的人来说,北卡罗来纳州似乎是一个相对前瞻性的州,其重点是教育,研究,环境,良好的政府和良好的道路。然后在2010年和2012年再次出现,北卡罗莱纳州人感到惊讶。经过150年的零星前进,北卡罗莱纳州开始实行惊人的解构政策。


洛伊兹 compares recent changes to those in the late 19th Century when the so-called “Redeemers” took control of North Carolina government from 进步 or populist forces in the post-Reconstruction era after the Civil War.

Although his history is admittedly partisan, 洛伊兹's storytelling ability and background as a 流行 history teacher at UNC-Chapel Hill make his 概要 of North Carolina history good reading for Republicans and Independents as well as Democrats.

In his history of the 60 years after 1950, 洛伊兹 credits governors of both parties with moving North Carolina so that it was viewed “as one of the up-and-coming states in the country 肯定是南方最进步的国家之一.”

洛伊兹 characterizes the groups that brought about the Republican triumph as new “Redeemers” like those who took control of North Carolina government in the post-construction era. He summarizes the factors that led to their takeover: “The continuing traditionalist strain; the complacent Democratic Party; the Redeemer's well-oiled, coordinated organization; 州外黑钱; the Tea Party; the economy; the loss of business support for 进步 policies; Obama; scandals and the lack of organization by public education leaders; and finally, the concept that it couldn't happen here. When you put them all together, it is easy to understand how the battle was lost.”

洛伊兹 mourns the transformation of the former Citizens for Business and Industry organization, which had provided strong support for the state’s public schools and 更高 education systems. It changed its name in 2007 to the North Carolina Chamber, which focuses on bottom-line business issues.

他说,巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)的选举原来是“邪恶妖精的礼物”,因为它动员了种族主义的强烈反对,为2010年选举中的救赎者力量做出了贡献。

洛伊兹’s political history is not a substitute for more objective political histories like those of Rob Christensen’s “The Paradox of Tar Heel Politics” and Tom Eamon’s “The Making of a Southern Democracy.” But his passion, grounded in a love of North Carolina, makes it important reading for those wish to understand our state.

党派民主党人可能只想把这本书作为封面,这是德韦恩·鲍威尔(Dwayne Powell)的卡通插图,里面有汤姆·提里斯(Thom Tillis),菲尔·伯格(Phil Berger),帕特·麦克罗里(Pat McCrory)和杰西·赫尔姆斯(Jesse Helms)的漫画。


范凯莉 说:

释义,这不是沟通失败。我们在这里所做的只是在思想上不诚实。我们在这里拥有的是一个游击党,他想对人们产生负面影响's better judgement.

'肯定是南方最进步的国家之一'。是时候让libs失去头绪了;我希望。 libs带我们去,想要继续带我们去并且可以'看不到别的,是'progressive' direction. Progressivism is being rejected by voters ACROSS THE NATION; even in some used-to-be-strongholds of liberalism and 进步s. Socialists constantly tell us that there are certain words used by conservatives that are simply code words for being racist. Libs have their own problems, except with libs it'是真实的。他们编造有关保守派的故事,企图用种族主义的笔触来描绘我们。多数时候,即使不是全部,诽谤者都在讲种族主义保守派的谎言。刷子虽然笔画很好。库库使用单词隐藏其含义。采取'progressive'例如。他们使用'progressive'因为听起来比'socialist'. What's之间的区别'progressive' and 'socialist'?仅使用单词!两者的计划,目标和成果 'progressives' and 'socialists'完全一样但是人们有时感觉更好被称为'progressive'我们都知道,感觉是专用库中最重要的事情。

'州外黑钱'. Let'看一些事实。我知道,如果我没有'在写这篇文章之前,不要迷失lib读者,使用事实会使他们每一个人走开。图书馆已经被教导要远离事实,因为事实将证明他们的每一种信念都是错误的。但是我'll go on anyway. Those FACT thingys show that liberal 州外黑钱 exceeded conservative 'dark money'. So, if libs outspend conservatives with 黑钱, how does this become a problem for the Republican party. Because 社会主义者s do not consider money from their allies as '州外黑钱'. It'的钱已经献给了社会党,所以它's not dark; it'不是没有状态,它'只是州内还没有。当联盟盟友支持解放军时,'s not 黑钱. When Steyer or Soros supports 社会主义者 pols in our state, the money isn't DARK,因为源是库已知的。它'不是黑暗的,因为它'首先是通过一些自由组织进入国家的'是在lib pol上花费的,所以它's not dark cuz it'通过一个库友过滤。只是听老年哈利和你'我们会知道,只有科奇金钱是黑暗的,应被视为非法。在某些时候,libs必须意识到,这个LIE也将被选民(合法选民!)拒绝。在某些时候,自由主义者必须意识到,除非他们设法改变法律,否则所有谎言都会被拒绝。除非社会主义警察设法将其盟友放在法院的长椅上,否则他们的计划和谎言也将被法院拒绝。诽谤自由主义者,因为他们继续试图对公民撒谎,'the poor' as well as 'the wealthy'!

也许我们可以在一定程度上原谅本书的作者。他的背景是'higher'教育,集中在教堂山。他的所有话都必须带有巨大,巨大,无法估量的盐。'Leutze'...在UNC教堂山担任流行历史老师的背景'意味着他很容易成为社会主义者。如果他没有通过社会主义有色眼镜看待生活中的一切,他将无法在教堂山当老师生存,更不用说'popular'. And if his beliefs lean SO FAR LEFT, I fear what the students coming out of his classes believe about the best country in the world. Mind you, used to be the freest country in the world. We used to be a beacon for every other country in the world, an example of what was possible because of freedom and THE RULE OF LAW. What have 社会主义者s, like 洛伊兹, brought us? We are rapidly becoming just another wanna-be 社会主义者 country where the rule of law is meaningless, 'equality' of misery is universal, unemployment is high, government subsistence programs are bankrupting us, just like every other 社会主义者 country around the world. If 洛伊兹 is a history teacher, can he show us and/or his students the SUCCESSES of his beloved 社会主义者s around the world COMPARED to the successes of the United States? Of course not because that information does NOT exist!

是时候让图书馆加入我们在现实世界中的其他人了。图书馆停止尝试将其计划强加给我们其他人的时间。它's easy for all you libs to move to just about anywhere in the world and achieve your 社会主义者 utopia. But for God's sake, please leave us freedom lovers, and truth lovers, alone! I hope you never actually do join the real world. We need a few 社会主义者s in the country so we always know what NOT to do, how NOT to govern. But just a few, cuz obviously too many in positions of authority/control is destructive.

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