After SPIN! Video: Should people in 特别 service districts get a vote on taxes?


After SPIN! "Question to John Hood – We used to call it tax increment financing. Now it is known as service districts where a city or even a county could carve out a 特别 district and tax them differently on the premise those affected would receive 特别 services. Now the legislature wants to put in place where citizens can have a referendum to decide whether to keep the districts or not. What’s your opinion of this new approach?"

弗兰克·伯恩斯 说:

夏洛特有其中之一"special"对位于市中心的企业征收额外税款以促进市中心利益的地区。所有的钱都用来雇用他们自己的快乐的市区助推器乐队。他们直接与市政府工作人员沟通,并促进市区中心的利益超过市区其他地方的利益。这使夏洛特的许多人感到自己被遗忘了't have their own boosters for their part of the town. The correct answer is the 特别 districts should be eliminated at least in Charlotte.